Melanie Ann Layer



Melanie Ann Layer

Nov 30, 2021
Melanie Ann Layer

Melanie Ann Layer: Embracing The Alpha Femme for Massive Success

Elle Russ chats with Melanie Ann Layer - the founder of the Alpha Femme Brand. She is known for her unique approach to feminine leadership and wealth energetics. But this is not where her story began...

After a bankruptcy that left her sleeping in her car, Melanie took her first “life coaching” call from the front seat of her Honda Civic in 2013.

It was a journey of evolution and growth but since the creation of Alpha Femme in 2017, her brand has generated over $20M dollars, with over 600% growth from year to year, consistent million dollar months since November 2020, and now celebrating a million dollar week! Melanie’s shift is a testament to her work and teachings that now serve women all around the globe!

Her revolutionary teachings are taking the world by storm.

With no website, no viral YouTube channel, no world-renowned podcast or best-selling book, her unconventional approach to the online world has left many puzzled... and so many more excited and magnetized.

She celebrates her clients who calibrate to 6 figures and millions every day but beyond that, she celebrates their lives, their sovereignty, their love stories, their womanhood. Together with her clients, The Alpha Femme brand has raised multiple 6-figure contributions to causes close to Melanie’s heart.

It isn’t possible to describe this woman accurately in a short biography. She is a mystery that pays to uncover. She will make you feel, she will help you evolve, she will inspire you to soar. Visit MelanieAnnLayer.com and connect with her on social media to learn more.




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